TK Products Pro-Series Kennel Roof Top Mesh Panel


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These welded wire mesh roof panels are designed to fit on their corresponding TK Products Pro-Series Dog Kennels and are available in various different sizes: 3ft x 4ft (with 4 screws) 4ft x 4ft (with 4 screws) 4ft x 5ft (with 4 screws) 4ft x 10ft (with 6 screws) 5ft x 10ft (with 6 screws) 5ft x 8ft (with 6 screws) 5ft x 5ft (with 4 screws) The mounting anchors are meant to only be screwed onto TK side panels . They will not mount onto TK door panels. Please note also that for rectangular top panels, the mounting anchors are always on the longer side. Please look carefully at the pictures to make sure that this fits your kennel configuration. The top mesh panels are designed to sit flush inside the kennel, creating a smooth, flat top surface. They are fastened in place using the supplied stainless steel self-drilling mounting screws, through the mounting anchors. Please make sure that the dimensions of the top mesh panels match the dimensions of your kennel. If you are not sure – just reach out to us at or 1-855-PET-PRO1 and we can help! TK Products Comprehensive 5 year Warranty For five (5) years from the date of original purchase, TK Products LLC, warrants to the purchaser of this product that should it prove structurally defective by reason of improper workmanship and/or material, TK Products LLC, will repair or replace, at its option, any defective part of the kennel, customer is responsible for all shipping. Replacement parts are warranted for the remainder of the original period. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER defects in the kennel caused by any animal, any physical abuse to or misuse of the kennel, any damage caused by the original purchaser or any third party, or any defects arising or discovered more than five (5) years from the original retail purchase date.