VELAB Digital Tabletop Specialized Centrifuge


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In addition to its operational functions, the centrifuge has service features that favor your preference, such as its maintenance-free motor, its lockout in case the door is opened, alarm at the end of the cycle, stability legs, a system precision speed and quiet operation. For all the above, the VE-4003 centrifuge is a preferable equipment in cosmetology, dentistry, orthopedic, cosmetic or oral surgery laboratories, etc. Product Specifications: MAXIMUM SPEED 4000 r /min, increments of 10 units MAX. RFC 1780 xg TIMER 0 – 99 min. MAXIMUM CAPACITY 8 x 8.5 or 10 ml vacutainer tubes 8 x 15 ml conical tubes 12 x 8.5 / 10 ml vacutainer tubes (optional, not included) PRE-CONFIGURED PROTOCOLS PRF: 2690rpm, 7mins, PRP: 3480rpm, 5min CGF: Step 1: 1 2700rpm, 2min Step 2: 2400rpm, 4min Step 3: 2700rpm, 4min Step 4: 3000rpm, 3min PARAMETER VIEWER LED Screen ROTOR TYPE Fixed angle DRIVE MOTOR Maintenance-free. DIMENSIONS (MM) 270 (L) X 310 (W) x 295 (H) / 10.6in (L) x 12.2in (W) x 11.6in (H). WEIGHT 12 kg / 26.4 lb POWER SUPPLY 110V- 220V, 50/60Hz AC Adapter.