VELAB UV- VIS Light Spectrophotometer w/ Double Littrow Beam


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The most advanced spectrophotometer of VELAB series. Equipped with double beam Littrow type, designed to meet the needs of laboratories which use spectrophotometry as a routine method for the analysis and quantification of reacting substances, nutrients, pollutants, metabolites, and to develop standard curves and kinetics of enzyme activity in the areas of analytical chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutics, petrochemistry, environmental protection, food and beverages laboratories, and in other fields of analytical quality control and advance research. Product Specifications: WAVELENGTH RANGE 190 in“ 1100 nm. BANDWIDTH 1.0 nm. PHOTOMETRIC SYSTEM Double beam Littrow type, diffraction grating of 1200 lines/mm. SCAN SPEED (AUTOMATIC MODE FOR WAVELENGTH SCANNING) High, medium and low. Maximum of 1000 mm/min. WAVELENGTH CALIBRATION Automatic power-on. WAVELENGTH ACCURACY ± 0.3 nm. WAVELENGTH REPEATABILITY 0.2 nm. UNIFORM WAVELENGTH RESPONSE ± 0.002 A. CELL HOLDERS Standard with 4 positions, 10 mm. PHOTOMETRIC RANGE in“ 0.3 in“ 3.0 A, 0 in“ 200 % T. DIFFUSED LIGHT 0.05 % T to 220nm y 360 nm. SCREEN LCD. DATA OUTPUT USB port, port for the printer. LIGHT SOURCE Deuterium light bulb and Tungsten light bulb. DEVIATION POWER REQUIREMENTS CA 110-240V, 50/60 Hz. DIMENSIONS ( LX W X H) 625 x 430 x 206 mm. OPERATING ENVIRONMENT 22 ± 2° C. WEIGHT 28 kg. Accessories included: Dustcover Power Cord 4 glass cells 2 quartz cells