VELAB VIS Spectrophotometer


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The Visible Light Spectrophotometer, VELAB (VE-5000) is a simple, reliable and economical instrument, ideal for use in educational laboratories and quality control. Easy to use and very precise. Its display is easy to see from any distance. Product Specifications: WAVELENGTH RANGE 325 – 1000 nm. BANDWIDTH 4nm. OPTICAL SYSTEM Single beam, 1200-line diffraction grating. LAMBDA ACCURACY ± 2 nm. LAMBDA REPEATABILITY 1nm. PHOTOMETRIC ACCURACY ± 0.5% T. PHOTOMETRIC RANGE – 0.097 – 1.999 A, 0 – 125% T. DIFFUSE LIGHT – 0.2% T, at 340nm. STABILITY ± 0.002 A / h at 500nm. GRAPHIC DISPLAY LED (4 bits). KEYBOARD Membrane PHOTOMETRIC METHOD Transmittance, Absorbance, Concentration, Factor. DETECTOR Silicon photodiode. SAMPLE BEHAVIOR Can accommodate a standard cell with a 10 mm trajectory length. LIGHT SOURCE Tungsten lamp. POWER REQUIREMENT Ca 110-240V, 50/60 Hz. WEIGHT 8 kg. Accessories included: Power cord. Glass cell 1-year limited warranty