Zinger IATA 82 Approved Airline Travel Kit


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Each kit includes air travel rails, carrying handles, inœLive Animalin labels, water and food bowls, ID Tag plus lock and deadbolt covers for extra security. When this kit is added to any Zinger crate it immediately conforms to the IATA 82 Safety Standard. What is the IATA 82 Standard? IATA stands for inœInternational Air Transport Associationin. This organization has compiled a checklist of crate requirements that are referred to as the IATA 82 standard. Most airlines require animals to be shipped in a crate that is inœIATA 82in approved. This essentially means the crate must adhere to a certain level of strength and safety before it can be used to ship an animal by air. All ZINGER™ crates exceed the requirements of the IATA 82 standard when our optional Airline Travel Kitin is attached. Our aluminum crates will not bust or be broken by rough handling or shifting cargo loads thereby safe guarding your dog on route. When you ship your dog in a Zinger crate he is protected. Important: Depending on the dog breed an airline may demand special requirements in addition to the IATA 82 standard so make sure to check with your airline. One of the most important considerations to remember when selecting your crate is its SIZE. Your crate must be large enough to ensure that the dog can stand up and have sufficient space to turn around. It must be able to do so without difficulty. Airlines have the right to refuse to fly your dog if the crate is deemed to be too small so be prepared and know your obligations before you arrive at the airport.