Zinger Stationary Front Entry Aluminum Dog Crate


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Professional vs Deluxe Model The differences between this top of the line Zinger Professional crate and the standard Zinger Deluxe model has to do mainly with the heavy duty door construction on the Professional model. On any crate the door is consistently the weakest point and Houdini dogs typically target this area in their attempt to escape. In the Professional series we have reinforced the door with extra bars, welds and bracing. As an added layer of security in the Professional series we have added a secondary locking plate to the door frame and to add extra value we also include a set of heavy duty handles . Each door has a full length piano hinge and can be mounted to open left or right. The Zinger Professional line of aluminum dog boxes are designed to be the most secure and safest of the Zinger crates, and has a 90 Day inœNo Escapein Money Back Warranty to guarantee your dog will not be able to weasel a way out of this crate! Zinger Cage Banks All Zinger Aluminum crates are designed so you can couple two or more side by side or stack them atop each other. This allows you to build a kennel bank for as many dogs as you want. Crates can always be dismantled and used as a singles at any time. Why Buy a Zinger Professional Dog Crate? Heavy-Duty Aluminum Construction with Stainless Steel Hardware Zinger crates are constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, prized for its durability and strength, while still being light weight. Zinger Aluminum crates are ideal for dogs prone to destroying or breaking free of cheaper plastic and wire crates, which tend to easily crack, bend, and break. In addition, the the lock and mounting hardware are made from corrosion and rust resistant industrial-grade stainless steel. Safe & Comfortable A Zinger crate is fully vented down each side and along the back wall to provide maximum comfort for your dog. The open design allows air to pass freely thru the door aided by the triple rows of lower and upper vent holes which surround the crate. By its very nature aluminum quickly dissipates heat making it an ideal material for a dog crate. Lots of adequate ventilation ensures your dog will remain safe and comfortable while in the Zinger crate. Versatile & Easy to Handle All Zinger crates have a modular design and can be coupled side by side or stacked atop one another to form multiple dog crate systems or kennel banks. Also, while built to be strong and secure , Zinger crates are one third the weight of steel and can easily be handled by one person, with little effort. Exquisite Powder Coat Finish Zinger crates are finished in a durable “Silver Hammertone” powder coat both inside and out. The secret to this tough finish is the high temperatures in which it is baked on so that it will not wear off. By powder coating the inside as well as the outside it protects your dogs coat from discoloration. Coat discoloration is common when a dog sits in an untreated aluminum crate. The bare aluminum oxidizes and the residue rubs off onto the dog resulting in a grey silvery color. This will not happen in a Zinger crate. Secure Inside and Out From the inside, the crate is strengthened with solid bars and welded for extra strength the door is built to hold your Escape Artist. A full length piano hinge and striker plate is standard and the door can be easily reversed to allow for left and right hand opening. From the outside, each door comes with a flush mounted slam latch which is keyed for added security while you are away from the crate. Rest assured that someone cannot simply open the crate and walk away with your dog. Made from strong stainless steel for durability and to prevent corrosion. Backdoor Option All models can be fitted with a second door for front and rear access to your dog. This option comes in handy if you transport your dog in a minivan or SUV. Product Details Made for Escape Artists – 90 Day inœNo Escapein Money Back Guarantee/Warranty Re-enforced Heavy Duty Door (Reversible) Aircraft-grade, lightweight aluminum construction Stainless Steel Lock and Deadbolt Cover Plates No Rattle Handles Fully Vented Sides and Back Airline Approved (IATA 82) with Airline Travel Kit* Note that this model is NOT an IATA CR 82 Airline Compliant model. For an Airline compliant crate, check Here: Zinger Professional Airline Compliant IATA CR 82 Travel Dog Crate Zinger Deluxe Airline Compliant IATA CR 82 Travel Dog Crate Deluxe vs Professional Crate Comparison DELUXE/ PROFESSIONAL DX3000/PR3000 Dimensions: 21w x 24H x 30L Shipping Dimensions: 28W x 6H x 35L Weight: 28lbs/31lb DX4000/ PR4000 Dimensions: 24W x 28H x 36L Shipping Dimensions: 31W x 6H x 40L Weight: 34lbs/37lb DX4500/ PR4500 Dimensions: 24W x 28H x 36L Shipping Dimensions: 32W x 6H x 41L Weight: 37lbs/40lb DX5000/ PR5000 Dimensions: 28W x 32H x 40L Shipping Dimensions: 34W x 6H x 44L Weight: 49lbs/50lb Note the following features are the same for all DELUXE/ PROFESSIONAL Keyed Slam Lock: Yes/Yes Silver Powerdercoating: Yes/Yes Full 1 Year Product Warranty*: Yes/Yes 90 Day No Escape Warranty**: No/Yes Handles: No/Yes Deadbolt Cover: No/Yes Lock Cover: No/Yes HD Door No/Yes *Warranty does not include metal and paint damage from the dog scratching, biting, drooling, urination, etc. **Warranty does not include dogs escaping due to improper installation and closure of door, locks and lock covers. Zinger Comprehensive 1 Year Warranty Each Zinger dog crate is constructed from strong lightweight aircraft aluminum with silver hammertone powder coat. The Zinger Winger Inc warrants that all hardware components shall remain in good operational and structural condition for one year from the date of purchase.