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Sharing the Love for Animals

Sharing the Love for Animals

Ever since I can remember, I have a love for animals. From what I could gather at the age of 8, my family was not on board with this idea. So, I had to start small and I asked for a hamster.

After all my promises I finally got one and all the things to care for him and keep him clean. We named him Elmer. He was great I started reading all about him in the book I received with him as a gift. We got the starter cage and supplies but I wanted him to have more things to do so we added on the habit-trail connections.

The one thing that was great is that everyone in the family began to love Elmer too. My dad would carry him around in his robe pocket, my mom let me buy a mobile bubble toy for Elmer to move around the house. It was great to see this side of my family. It just takes one person help people appreciate the little creatures we share this planet with. This is why I have a Love for Animals.

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