DRE Avante Waveline Nano-V2 Pulse Oximeter


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The Avante Waveline Nano-V2 measures SpO2 and PR. It offers reliable, accurate, and sensitive measurements of blood oxygen saturation even under harsh conditions. Features Measures SpO2 and Pulse Rate Trend review Rechargeable battery for up to 30 hours of work Automatic power-off function for power saving Sleek, compact design Unique sensor design Compact & lightweight Battery charger stand design (optional) LCD display Real-time clock SpO2 Pulse-tone Modulation (Pitch tone) Advanced SpO2 module with equivalent performance as the industry leadersft Real-time measurements display Plethysmogram display Trend table and trend graphs Large storage capacity Data management via PatientCare Viewer software Standard lingual sensor with large and small clips Options Carrying case Boot covers Charging stand SPECIFICATIONS General Size: 160 (L) in— 70 (W) in— 37.6 (H) mm Weight: 165g (without battery) Display: Screen Type: 128 x 64 dot-matrix LCD, with white LED backlight Big Numeric Mode: SpO2, PR and Bar graph displayed Waveform Mode: SpO2, PR, Bar graph and Plethysmogram displayed 4 Alkaline Batteries (6V total) Typical Operation Time: 48 hours Ni-MH rechargeable battery package (4.8 V total) Typical battery life: 30 hours/36 hours Charge time: 2.5 hours to 80%; 4 hours to 100% Measurement SpO2 Range: 0% – 100% Pr: 25 bpm ~ 300 bpm SpO2 Accuracy: Saturation Adult and Pediatric ± 2% (70 %~ 100 %) Undefined (0 %~ 69 %) Neonate ± 3% (70 %~ 100 %) Undefined (0 %~ 69 %) Pulse Rate Accuracy: 25bpm ~300bpm ± 2bpm Alarm Range: SpO: 2 0 % ~ 100 % PR: 0 bpm ~ 300 bpm Resolution: SpO2: 1 % Bpm: 1 bpm