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Edemco Post Accessories Options If you need the Swing arm and Knob Only, Select Model ED-F976921 Replacement arm and knob for the 180 degree swivel and table mount bracket. Grooming Arm adjust up to 48 and is collapsible. This is just the arm (the L shape). Includes 1 knob only. This arm is also for the F976000-42 Table for the opposite side of the table. Adjustable arm Color: White If you need the Horizontal Swivel only, Select Model ED-R975001. Replacement Horizontal Swivel Bar for the 180 Degree Swing Arm. Includes 1 Horizontal Bar, 1 large bolt, 1 nut and washers. If you need an additional Grooming Post Knob only, Select Model ED-R881. Replacement knob for Edemco Grooming Arms, Grooming Saddle and Dryer Stands. One single knob. If you need the Grooming Arm, Knobs and Horizontal Swivel the item is ED-F921 Edemcofts Product Return Policy