FitPAWS Flexiness TwinDisc


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FitPAWS Flexiness TwinDisc is suitable for balance training and muscle building. This product allows you to turn any surface into an active one, helping your dog with: Agility & Flexibility Body/Limb Awareness & Balance Muscle Building Beginner Balance Training General Fitness Rehabilitation Injury Prevention The stability of the disc can be changed depending on the amount of air taken in. Small dogs can stand with all four paws on the TwinDisc, larger dogs can each use a TwinDisc for the forehand and one for the hindquarters. Add a Second TwinDisc for large dogs. Dimensions: about 55 cm x 32cm x 6cm (21.65in³x 12.6in² x 2.36in³) / One side of the TwinDisc has nubs. Flexiness TwinDisc: Lower to the ground Can be used deflated or inflated Improves forward and backward weight shift The surface is a bit wider than some other things so it allows more dogs to use it in a sit position when on the narrow side Helps to improve a sloppy sit in“ dog sits on the narrow side and has to grip the middle twin disc Provides a higher level balance challenge when inflated so that it is rounded on both sides With some inflation, it has a more inœdefinedin area for foot position Great when paired with all FitPAWs balance products.