Groomers Helper ClotIt Blood Stopping Powder 2.85 oz


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ClotIt is a non-staining, non-stinging blood clotting powder made up of All Natural minerals designed to rapidly and painlessly stop bleeding in all wounds from minor to severe. ClotIt is not a harsh chemical styptic and works with the animalfts natural blood clotting system to quickly stop bleeding. The painless, natural powder prevents conditioning the dogs you work with from becoming foot shy. ClotIt will not discolor a petfts coat, groomers hands, or expensive equipment. ClotIt does not clump, is 100% odorless, and has an unlimited shelf-life. Apply ClotIt to the wound or pack in a nail quick, and apply moderate pressure for 20-30 seconds. If bleeding continues, apply additional ClotIt and re-apply pressure. All wounds are different as are all pets, however, ClotIt will stop bleeding in dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and all farm animals. After decades of few alternatives, ClotIt is a product that the industry has truly been waiting for. The proper way to use ClotIt® on a nail quick. Before clipping nails, find a lid, piece of paper or other convenient flat surface to pour ClotIt® in. *DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY FROM THE BOTTLE. Pinch a generous amount of ClotIt® between your thumb and forefinger. Hold the petfts leg securely with your other hand. Pack the nail fully with ClotIt®. Hold the nail with your thumb on top of the nail and your forefinger on the quick, maintaining moderate pressure of a minimum of 30 seconds. Make sure the nail is fully packed with ClotIt®. After 30 seconds examine the nail. If it is still bleeding, repeat OTHER WOUNDS: Apply generously and directly into the wound in“ completely covering it. Apply pressure for 20-30 seconds. Inspect the wound and re-apply only if necessary. If bleeding persists consult a veterinarian.