LennyPads – Ultra Absorbent Washable LennyPad


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Lennypads™ are an economical and environmental alternative to disposable potty pads, towels, and newspaper. Each Lennypad™ is ultra absorbent, leak-proof, and can be washed and reused 100s of times. The quick wicking surface allows rapid drying which keeps your pet dry, comfortable, and clean. Lennypads™ are also perfect for crate liners or whelping box liners. Lennypads are proudly made in the USA with your petfts health and comfort in mind. Available in 8 sizes: Small – 13 x 22 Medium – 18 x 24 Large – 23 x 27 XL Long – 24 x 36 XL – 28 x 32 XXL – 36 x 36 Jumbo – 48 x 48 King – 48 x 72 Note: Dimensions noted are pre-sewn sizes. Actual length and width may vary up to 1 1/2 due to manufacturing variances. Sizing can shrink up to 8% after laundering. Lakesidefts Return Policy and Warranty