Petique Litter Magic Odor Eliminator, Photocatalyst Technology 16 OZ


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Petiquefts Litter Magic Odor Eliminator, from the Eco-System Collection, helps your catfts litter last longer! When adding fresh litter, generously sprinkle layers of Litter Magic between your catfts litter for maximum odor control. Petiquefts powerful photocatalyst technology instantly absorbs and eliminates foul odors coming from liquid and solid waste, leaving the litter box and surrounding area fresh! Litter Magic is the perfect additive for keeping odors under control. Features ELIMINATES UNWANTED ODORS: Petiquefts powerful photocatalyst formula absorbs odors, neutralizing any bad smells coming from your catfts litter box FRAGRANCE-FREE: Donftt just mask your kittyfts bathroom scents with perfumes Petiquefts Litter Magic Deodorizer is designed to absorb those odors & neutralize them leaving a scent-free box EXTENDS THE LIFE OF YOUR LITTER: No need to dump your litter once a week. Our Litter Box Deodorizer will extend the life of your litter. EASY TO USE: Simply sprinkle in between layers Care Instructions Storage: Do not place in direct sunlight. Store in a cool dry place. Good for 6 months after opening. Ingredients Composite titanium dioxide, sodium tripolyphosphate, citric acid, diatomaceous earth, sodium carbonate. Dimensions Diameter: 2.31 Height: 6.25 450 Grams