Tether Tug Small Indoor/Outdoor Tether Tug


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A unique interactive toy that helps dogs stay healthy, happy, and entertained. Whether your dog likes to pull, tug, spin, or fetch, the Tether Tug is the perfect indoor/outdoor toy for your small dog or puppy This hybrid Tether Tug can be used indoors and outdoors with small dogs or puppies under 35 lbs. Itfts designed to provide dogs with an interactive, self-play experience that will wear them out and give you a break! The Tether Tug pole is flexible and wrapped in a durable firehose mesh material, comes with two bases (indoor AND outdoor), plus a fleece rope attachment that can be replaced with other attachments (sold separately) to keep it fun for your dog. Small dogs have as much, if not more energy than large dogs! Create hours of fun and exercise for your small dog with Tether Tug. A unique, flexible design that features a lower hanging braided rope for easier reach allows your dog to get the proper amount of exercise each day. The Tether Tug pole bends, flexes and gives as it rotates around 360 degrees. To your dog, it feels just like a human arm is pulling and tugging, which is very satisfying and gives them the encouragement and incentive to keep playing. For small dogs with the spirit of a wind-up toy, interactive play is a must! Setting up the Tether Tug toy is easy: Outdoor: drive the base into the ground and insert the Tether Tug pole into the base. Then your dog is ready to grab the toy and start playing! Indoor: Find a spot in your home away from other objects, slide indoor base under the edge of couch, sofa or other furniture. Insert the Tether Tug pole into the base and ensure the pole can spin freely and the encourage your dog to start playing with the Tether Tug by holding the toy close to floor. Once the dog begins to pull, release the toy and allow your dog to continue playing. Dogs that enjoy this Indoor/Outdoor Tether Tug toy We love all dogs, no matter what their pedigree. This Tug works best with dogs under 35 pounds such as the: Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Boston terrier, Jack Russell terrier, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Dachshund, Pekinese, Sky terrier, Pugs, or the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Dog breeds under 35 pounds that experts say are high energy dogs that need a lot of exercise include: Affenpinscher, Australian terrier, Beagle, Border terrier, Boston terrier, Cairn terrier, Jack Russell terrier, Lakeland terrier, Manchester terrier, Norfolk terrier, Norwich terrier, Scottish terrier, Silky terrier, Welsh terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Miniature Pinscher, Poodle, and the Schipperke. No matter what breed your dog is, if it is under 35 pounds in weight, this is the perfect indoor/outdoor toy. Is your dog ready for fun? Set up the Indoor Tether Tug and watch your dog enjoy his favorite game. Perfect for apartment dwellers or dog owners without a yard. It is also a great rainy day toy for dogs that typically enjoy outdoor fun. Features Tether Tug pole is flexible and bends Indoor base slips under heavy furniture or doors Outdoor base can be installed in your yard 48 pole is easily removable from the base Includes braided fleece toy (easy on dogfts teeth and wonftt damage furniture, doors, or walls) Provides high-intensity cardiovascular exercise for you dog Allows interactive, exciting, engaging play Recommended for dogs under 35 pounds In the Box Tether Tug pole 1 Tether Tug braided fleece toy Indoor anchor base Outdoor base Toy attachment clip Easy-to-follow instructions Pole and toy colors may vary