TK Products Kennel Single End Panels


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TK Products Pro-Series Kennel Single Panels allow customization for any heavy-duty multi-run kennel – indoors or outdoors Each Pro-Series kennel panel utilizes 1 ¼in square tubing frame with welded mitered corners for superior strength and appearance. The top mitered corner design also eliminates all dirt and debris from entering the top of the frame and corroding it from the inside out. The square tubing frame holds 6 gauge 2in—4 welded wire mesh. The inside of the frame is pre-drilled around the entire inner perimeter; then each end of the wire mesh is inserted into the pre-drilled frame and welded around every wire. End panels do not have the 2in³ legs. Actual dimensions: 3ftW x 6ftH: 33.5in³W x 70in³H. 4ftW x 6ftH: 45W x 70in³H. 5ftW x 6ftH: 57in³W x 70in³H. 10ftW x 6ftH: 117.5in³W x 70in³H.