VELAB Clinical Centrin­fuge for 12 tubes


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The VELAB PRO-12M clinical centrifuge with variable speed is ideal for clinical laboratories, blood banks, biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology and reaches up to 4,000 revolutions per minute. It includes a variety of pipe adapters for of different capacities. With its maintenancef ree motor, easy programing and automatic notification after completion of timed operations, the VELAB PRO-12M is the ideal centrifuge. Product Specifications: SPEED RANGE 300 – 4000 RPM MAXIMUM RFC 2460g. ROTOR CAPACITY 12 x 1.5/2ml/3ml/4ml/5ml/6ml/7ml/10ml/15ml. TIMER 15 s ~ 99 minutes. WEIGHT 11 Kg / 24.2 lb DIMENSIONS 380 x 320 x 180mm / 14.9in x 12.5in x 7.0in POWER SUPPLY 110/240V, 50/60Hz AC adapter Product features: Capable of reaching up to 4000 rpm It has variety of adapters for tubes of different capacities Maintenance free motor Easy programming access Automatic sound alert at the end of the programmed operation time Accessories included: 12 adapters for 1.5ml/2ml 12 adapters for 2ml/3ml/4ml 12 adapters for 5ml/6ml/7ml AC/DC adapter C-13000 fixed angle rotor for 12 tubes 10ml/15ml ** 1-Year limited warranty