XPOWER B-25 Pro Force Plus Double Motor Dog Grooming Force Pet Dryer (4 HP)


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XPOWER B-25 Pro Force Plus Double Motor Professional Dog Grooming Pet Force Dryer 4 HP Get the best price for a high performance double motor dryer with the XPOWER B-25 Pro Force Plus! Drawing a maximum electricity of only 12 Amps, the Pro Force Plus 4 HP force air dryer features variable speed control, commanding two synchronized motors to produce a powerful blast of motor heated airflow to penetrate all coat types. Unlike most double motor pet dryers on the market, the B-25 is noticeably quieter, producing at least 40% less noise than the nearest competitor and protecting against hearing loss and pet anxiety. Constructed with durable and lightweight ABS, the B-25 comes complete with three secure screw-on styling nozzles and an 8 Ft. long x 1.7 inches diameter high flex thermal hose. The washable 3-filter system keeps the motor operating at top efficiency and is easily accessible through the screw-off end cap. The Pro Force Plus pet dryer is the perfect solution for efficient drying without exhausting power output for your store, mobile grooming van, or in-house appointments. The B-25 is compatible with the Wall Mount Kit (WMK-2) for convenient storage, as well as the multiple position tilt capable Stand Mount Kit (SMK-3) with Stand Conversion Arm (SCA) to convert to a hands-free dryer. With a one year limited manufacturer warranty, the XPOWER B-25 Pro Force Plus Force Dryer is precision engineered for many years of service. Features: Powerful and Energy-Efficient dual brush motors 4 HP total, 2 HP each brush motor: producing up to 160 CFM of airflow Perfect for mobile and in-home appointment groomers Remarkably QUIET DOUBLE Motor Unique washable 3-filter system keeps the motor running efficiently Variable Speed Control for precise airflow adjustments Patented noise reduction technology for quiet operation Heated with natural motor-warmed air Lightweight and Durable ABS Housing Design Unique Washable 3-filter system keeps the machines running clean and efficiently Compatible with XPOWER Wall Mount Kit (WMK-2) and Stand Mount Kit (SMK-3) Comes with one 8ft long x 1.7 diameter high-flex heat-resistant hose 3 secure screw-on styling nozzles: Cone, flat, and round Wall and Stand Mount Optional Dual Thermal Protection with ETL/CETL safety certification 1 Year Limited Warranty Specifications: Volts / Cycle: 115V / 60 Hz Motor: 4 HP Power: 12 A Rated Airflow: 160 CFM Speeds: Variable Speed Control RPM: 28,000 Unit Weight (lbs): 12.3 Unit Dimensions (L x W x H): 17.7 x 6.3in³ x 9.3in³ Box Weight (lbs): 14.7 Box Dimensions (L x W x H): 20.5in³ x 9.8in³ x 9.6in³ Cord Length: 10 ft Hose Length: 8 ft Nozzle Attachments: Yes Housing: Injection Mold ABS Dual Thermal Protection: Yes Safety Certifications: ETL / CETL Warranty: 1 Year Limited XPOWER 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty XPOWER Warranty covers the unit from defects in materials and craftsmanship. The Warranty covers normal use for a term of one year from the original date of purchase including parts, labor and one way shipping. The XPOWER Air Mover Housing is covered for a term of five years from the date of original purchase.