Aeolus TD-905 Wall-mount Ionic Finishing Dryer


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The TD-905 is a gentle yet powerful finishing grooming dryer. This dryer is a favorite among salon and mobile pet groomers around the world. It gives the groomer the ability to execute an effortless, hands-free fluff drying of their pets. This ionic wall mounted finishing dryer boasts a Japanese made, heavy duty 1 HP fan, air-cooled brushless motor, reliable heating element, and adjustable air flow. The unit has two adjustable knobs. The adjustable heating element has a temperature range of 77°F to 167°F. The double layer housing on the heating element prevents the dryer from reaching any risk of over-heating. In order to accommodate all breeds of dogs and cats, Aeolus has also included a variable air speed knob, reaching a maximum wind speed of 38m/s. Advanced tourmaline brushes generate negative ions that aid in containing internal cuticle moisture, taming unruly hair and straightening curly coats. Negative ions also help in purifying the air and creating a healthier environment for you and the pets you groom. Many grooming salons gush over how this wall-mounted dryer saves tons of space. Also, with a nozzle that rotates 360°, groomers find that they can easily position the dryer in any angle for a great finish. The TD-905 grooming dryer is practically maintenance-free with a brushless motor. There is easy access to the foam mesh filter in the back of the dryer, so you can easily give it a rinse when needed. The unit does not require oiling or greasing of internal parts. It is energy efficient and very economic to run, helping you save on your energy bill. As a bonus, this dryer is extremely quiet, never surpassing 40 decibels. The TD-905 provides a calm, peaceful work environment both for you and the pets you are grooming! Available in white and pink.