VELAB 16 Tube Mixer


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The VE-MIXER 15 mixer is suitable equipment for homogenizing and suspending samples of biological origin, with a speed and degree of inclination that guarantees the integrity of the cells and their uniform distribution. Product Specifications: Inclination angle 40 ± 3° Speed Range 0-30 Capacity 1 kg / 22 lb Volume capacity 16 tubes of 5 or 15 ml 6 tubes of 50 ml (opcional) Motor Maintenance free-motor Operation mode Continuous Dimensions 405 in— 160 in— 160mm / 15.9in x 6.2in x 6.2in Power 15 W Power supply 110/240V, 50/60Hz Weight 2.2 kg / 4.9 lb Maximun allowed temperature and humidity 5°C ~ 40°C / 104°F , 80% humidity Product features: Manual speed control. Speed and degre of inclination suitable for blood samples. Maintenance free motor. Accessories included: AC/DC adapter 1-Year limited warranty